In order to make flying a true experience, here is some advice on how to carry all your personal belongings safely and how to prevent complications at security control: 

  1. Make sure you read the Conditions of Carriage, which are part of your air ticket and focus on information regarding the dimensions and weight limits for hand baggage (the things you will carry on board the aircraft) and for checked baggage (the baggage you will drop off at the check-in desk);
  2. choose a suitable type of suitcase or bag;
  3. carry valuable and fragile items, including jewellery, cash, notebook, video and photo cameras, or other breakable souvenirs, in your hand baggage;
  4. put liquids, aerosols and gels that you need to have with you during the flight in packaging not exceeding 100 ml and place it in a transparent and re-sealable bag;
  5. pack all liquids, aerosols and gels that exceed 100 ml in checked baggage;
  6. pack all sharp objects or replicas of dangerous items in your checked baggage;
  7. observe the rules of your airline regarding the maximum number of items of hand baggage on board;
  8. we suggest you check in locked baggage;
  9. Protect your baggage against damage and unlawful manipulation by wrapping it in protective foil (wrapping service at the airport).

It is up to passengers’ personal consideration to choose a suitable type of suitcase or travel bag in accordance with their travelling intentions and the number of changes during their travels. In general, the more storable, compact, sturdy, foam-lined and protected by locks the checked baggage is, the more suitable it is for travel. By contrast, baggage, which has many handles, zips, tassels, straps or pockets is more likely to be damaged on the conveyor belts when passing through security controls.

We recommend including baggage in general travel insurance package and to carry all valuables in hand baggage, as most air carriers are not liable for such items in checked baggage.

With regard to hand baggage, passengers should ensure it is easily handled, as this baggage will be carried on board and will be subject to all the necessary actions that need to be undertaken at the airport. Hang baggage material does not play the most important role in this case.