Unique Slovakia

What are some of the unique Slovak tourist spots that you’d hardly be able to find elsewhere?

The smaller the country, the greater the number of its castles. It’s doubtful you’d find another country that has as many castles as Slovakia.

The picturesque wooden village of Čičmany at the foothills of the Strážov Hills is actually the first-ever folk architecture reservation in the world!

There are only four accessible aragonite caves on the planet. Slovakia is one of two European countries to have this unique natural phenomenon – ours is the Ochtinská Aragonite Cave.

Can you believe that some people in Slovakia still live in stone “caves?” In Brhlovce, these unique houses are carved into the rock.

If you hear somebody say that Slovakia is the heart and centre of Europe, it’s not a joke. It´s in a beautiful spot at Kremnické Bane in Central Slovakia.

Few people know that in the Slanské Hills, there are deposits of precious opal. This is an extraordinary phenomenon of a global perspective, as nowhere in the world was opal mined in such a large scale.

Master carver Jozef Pekara needed more than 15 years to finish the Bethlehem in Rajecká Lesná. It is a true rarity, since it’s the largest wooden moving Bethlehem set in Europe.

No other country has, compared to its size, as many mineral springs as Slovakia.

It is said that the European wilderness ceased to exist centuries ago. But you can still find it in Slovakia! In the Poloniny National Park on the border with Poland and Ukraine, there is an untouched wild forest called the Wolf Mountains with trees over a thousand-years-old.