Bratislava Airport Handling

Sluzby pozemnej obsluhy

Airport Bratislava employs highly qualified staff and offers the right technical equipment to provide complex ground handling services for aircraft and passengers. We also offer professional support with handling freight flights.

  • Passenger and Baggage handling (check-in, baggage handling, baggage claim, PRM assistance, excess baggage and other fees collection, VIP lounge etc.)
  • Ramp Services (anchor of a/c – fixed anchor, passenger steps, bus transportation, air starting unit, ground power unit, tow-in of a/c, push-back of a/c, arrangement of a/c interior cleaning, toilet service, water service, catering arrangement and delivery, catering transportation, fire assistance, de-icing/anti-icing etc.)
  • General Aviation (services for all types of general aviation flights – business, VIP, governmental and military)
  • Fuelling of aircraft


For further information, please contact our aviation business team at [email protected].

For ad hoc / non-scheduled flights services contact [email protected].

For general terms and conditions proposal for the handling of a series of charter flights, please contact [email protected].