Before the flight

When to get to the airport?

Unless otherwise advised by the airline, the tour operator or the travel agency, passengers are obliged to arrive at the airport and check in for their flight according to the originally specified time, i.e. ideally 2 hours, but no later than 40 minutes before the scheduled flight (Please bear in mind! The minimum time to arrive at the airport is set out in the Conditions of Carriage of your chosen airline and these times may vary. If your airline or tour operator notifies you in advance by telephone or via their representative about a new scheduled time of departure, you are obliged to get to the airport in accordance with the new specified time and not the original time of departure.

Passengers should always aim to arrive for their flight in sufficient time to be able to obey all the formalities required at the airport, including passing through security control or passport control, if flying outside of the Schengen area.

Do not forget!

Before you leave the house, check if:

  • you turned off all electronic and gas appliances;
  • you secured all your windows and doors;
  • you have emptied the rubbish;
  • you have taken care of your animals and plants;
  • you have paid all your due bills;
  • someone you trust has a spare key to your house in the case an emergency.

Also check whether you have with you:

  • your personal documents (a valid passport or identification card);
  • required entry and visa documents  (if necessary);
  • travel insurance documents;
  • travel documents or vouchers (air tickets,  accommodation, others);
  • cash and credit cards.

Don’t forget to pack:

  • medication necessary for the length of your travels;
  • chewing gum/sweets to alleviate ear pressure at take-off/landing;
  • a good book to while away the time.

Valuable and fragile things:

  • such as photo cameras, video cameras, cash, jewellery and others; always carry it with you in your hand baggage.

Sharp objects, liquids, aerosols and gels:

  • they do not belong in hand baggage;
  • You can read the Conditions of Carriage of these items in the Safety Regulations section or ask your airline.