For response to questions which you can´t find here, look in section Information and Practical advice.

Purchase of air ticket

How and where can I buy air tickets?

Flight tickets from/to Bratislava Airport you may purchase here:

Can I buy air tickets also directly at the airport?

Yes, air tickets of some airline companies (Ryanair, Pobeda, Wizz Air) can be purchased personally and directly at the airport at desk called „Airport Tickets & Fees Centre“, which can be found in the departure hall of the airport. Purchase is open 2 hours before each departure.

Online check-in

What is an online check-in? How to do online check-in?
Online check-in is a process, where the passenger registers himself on his own through web page or mobile application of airline company for departure by relevant airline company. It covers filling-in personal data and data on travel document. During registration you can order assistance at the airport for immobile passengers, purchase additional baggage, insurance, transport or other additional services.

Do I have to do online check-in?
Some airline companies (Ryanair, Wizz Air, Pobeda) require you to register for departure in advance, i.e. to do online check-in in advance. If you fail to do so, check-in at the airport for departures of Ryanair and Wizzair companies shall be charged according to a pricelist of the airline company. Online check-in can be made on web page of the airline company or through application in mobile or tablet. If you have boarding ticket printed or available in mobile application and you travel only with your hand luggage, you can go to security check on the 2nd floor of the departure terminal and do not have to go through check-in at the airport.

Provided that the airline company does not require online check-in, you shall appear at the check-in desks at the airport for registration for departure.

How can I get boarding ticket?
After registration through web or mobile application – online check-in – you get boarding ticket. You can print it out or you can produce electronic form of ticket in mobile application, if it is enabled by the airline company.

I am not the citizen of the European Union. Where will my visa be checked?
If you are not a citizen of the European Union you shall appear at the check-in desk which handles your flights for verification of visa together with air ticket which you have printed out during online registration.

When to come to airport

When shall I get to the airport?
You shall be at the airport normally 2 hours before planned time of departure. During that time check-in and security check is open, so you should reserve enough time. Some airline companies open check-in already 3 hours before planed time of departure. Check-in closes generally 40 minutes before planned time of departure (some airline companies close 1 hour before departure).

Baggage and food

What baggage can I take for the flight?
Weight, number and size of hand luggage and checked baggage varies according to transport conditions of airline company. You shall read them on the web page of the company you fly with, generally in section Terms & Conditions.

What can I have in the hand luggage?
You shall not have any sharp objects, guns or bigger packs of liquid in your hand luggage in generally. Detailed rules can be found here.

Can I carry food in my hand luggage?
You can have food (sandwich, bread, biscuits, chips, instant soups etc.) in your hand luggage as well as liquids in total of 100 ml or 100 grams. Summary of liquids shall not exceed 1 litre. Liquids must be placed in plastic closing bag (so called zipp bag).

Can I carry bryndza (sheep cheese), ketchup, codfish, mustard, chocolate spread (nutella), spread cheese, cottage cheese, pate in my hand luggage?
You can carry this food only in volume of 100 grams or 100 ml. The food must be placed into plastic closing bag (so called zipp bag) together with other substances of liquid character. Their summary shall not exceed 1 litre. If you need to transport food in larger content, place it into your checked barrage.

Can bags for liquid be purchased at the airport?
Yes, bags can be purchased at the airport before entry into the security check for 1 €.

Can I travel with animal?
Transport of animals is allowed by airline company Smartwings. Detailed information can be found here. Exceptions represent guiding dogs which are carried on the board of the plane free of charge.

Exchange office, pharmacy, ATM, left-luggage office, prayer room

Is there an exchange office, pharmacy, ATM left-luggage office, prayer room at the airport?
The exchange office - Interchange - is located in an arrival terminal (public part). Its open 7 days a week, from 6 am till 10 pm.

The Dr. Max pharmacy is located in the departure terminal, non-public part, behind security control.

There are ATMs at the airport of these companies - VÚB, UniCredit, Interchange.

There is no left-luggage office at the airport.

There is no prayer room at the airport.

Health complication

What shall I do if I have broken leg/alien object having operated-in/ I am pregnant / I need assistance at the airport?
All information can be found here.

I am not able to fly

I am not able to take flight for which I have purchased air ticket. What shall I do?
If you can´t travel with the flight for which I have purchased air ticket you should contact the airline company in order to move / shift the date of your departure to other date and flight. If the flight is delayed, airline companies offer to transfer the flight generally under more favourable price conditions.

Excursion and views

Do you organise excursions? It there a view at the airport from which I can watch aircrafts?
The airport does not organise excursions. A view from which aircrafts can be watched is not at the airport.