Public zone

  • Food market Delia


    Delia Foods offer products for immediate consumption - fresh bakery products, desserts, baguettes and sandwiches, fresh juice, coffe to go as well as a variety of low-priced refreshment menus. Slovakian farm products such as cheese, yoghurt, pasta can be found in the range. There are also regular food goods - beverages, confectionery, dairy or meat products, and basic drugstore.


    Monday:    6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Tuesday:    6:00 h. – 19:00 h. Wednesday: 6:00 h. – 19:00 h. Thursday:   6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Friday:     6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Saturday:   6:00 h. – 19:00 h. Sunday:    6:00 h. – 19:00 h.
    Arrival hall, ground floor
  • eat&fly!


    Morning or launch menu, a la carte menu, fresh juices and coffee, cakes and fresh refreshment before departure or after arrival. That is what this place offer to all Bratislava Airport visitors and passengers.

    2 hours before the flight
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Airport Snack

    Drinks / snacks

    If you are feeling hungry or peckish, you will definitely have no trouble choose something from the “fragrant” offer of the ever-fresh products at Airport Snack.

    Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 19:00
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Mediapress

    Newspapers and magazines
    temporarily closed

    Selection of daily newspapers, magazines, stamps and postcards, public transport tickets, books, tobacco products, sweets and non-alcoholic drinks.

    7:00 - 19:00
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Jet Bar

    Drinks / snacks

    Jet Bar with great location in the departure terminal directly under the historic plane Caproni Ca-33 has been offering traditional soft drinks, coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks, but also offers the delicious cakes, pies, draft beer, flavored soft drinks and ice cream.

    Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 19:00
    departures terminal, ground floor