Public zone

  • Food market Delia


    Delia Foods offer products for immediate consumption - fresh bakery products, desserts, baguettes and sandwiches, fresh juice, coffe to go as well as a variety of low-priced refreshment menus. Slovakian farm products such as cheese, yoghurt, pasta can be found in the range. There are also regular food goods - beverages, confectionery, dairy or meat products, and basic drugstore.


    Monday:    6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Tuesday:     6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Wednesday: 6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Thursday:    6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Friday:      6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Saturday:   6:00 h. – 21:00 h. Sunday:     6:00 h. – 21:00 h.
    Arrival hall, ground floor
  • eat&fly!


    Morning or launch menu, a la carte menu, fresh juices and coffee, cakes and fresh refreshment before departure or after arrival. That is what this place offer to all Bratislava Airport visitors and passengers.

    from October to April: od 6:00 – 19:00
    from May to September: 6.00 - 22.00
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Fresh Corner


    Popular delicious Fresh Corner coffee in nine ways to take away, tasty classic and maxi hot dogs, fresh baguettes, croissants or crispy panini. The popular concept from Slovnaft gas stations, which offers people on the go a quick and tasty snack, is now also available at the Bratislava airport. The kiosk is located in the middle of the hall between the departure and arrival zones. Passengers can enjoy the Fresh Corner range before checking-in or after arriving in Bratislava. If you are a member of the Slovnaft Move customer program, don't forget to apply your discounts for purchases at the Fresh Corner kiosk as well.

    2 hours before the flight
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Jet Bar


    Jet Bar with great location in the departure terminal directly under the historic plane Caproni Ca-33 has been offering traditional soft drinks, coffee, soft and alcoholic drinks, but also offers the delicious cakes, pies, draft beer, flavored soft drinks and ice cream.

    Monday - Sunday 7:00 - 19:00
    departures terminal, ground floor
  • Mediapress

    Newspapers and magazines

    Selection of daily newspapers, magazines, stamps and postcards, public transport tickets, books, tobacco products, sweets and non-alcoholic drinks.

    7:00 - 19:00
    departures terminal, ground floor