Carriage of live animals

When carrying live animals, there is a difference between carrying animals on board the aircraft or in the aircraft’s hold area or on a separate cargo flight.

Not every airline enables the carriage of live animals on board flight, the only exception being an assistance dog. Live animals can only be transported to countries, where local regulations permit it. Some countries have strict quarantine criteria for all animals coming into the country.

If the airline permits it in its Conditions of Carriage, pets might be carried by passengers on board flight – this usually applies to dogs, cats, rabbits or chinchilla. The animal must be placed in a special container with strong solid bottom and ventilation openings for breathing, whilst the airline sets the weight and dimension limits not only with regard to the container, but also the animal itself. Naturally, passengers must report the intention to carry a live animal beforehand and pay the appropriate fee in accordance with the airline’s fees and charges. For more information, please contact your airline.