Flight delay

If a passenger arrives at the airport and find out from the information boards that his flight has been delayed, he is obliged to attend the airport check-in desk to confirm his intention of participating on his delayed flight. Despite the already known delay of the flight, the check-in counter is usually opened and closed at the original timeframe, unless the given airline has decided otherwise in a specific case. This is based on the contractual conditions of carriage of all airlines. In the event of a flight delay, we therefore recommend verifying this fact in good time in advance at the check-in desk or at the airport information desk. If you miss confirmation of your participation at the check-in desk, the check-in counter will no longer be opened additionally, based on the valid conditions of carriage of the airlines.

If the check-in handling staff informs the passenger at the check-in desk that there is a new scheduled time of departure, the passenger can leave the airport for the relevant amount of time and he must return in good time to go through all the necessary formalities, including security and passport control. If, at the time of the airport check-in, it is not being clear yet how long the flight will be delayed for, passengers are advised to remain in the area of the airport in order not to miss their flight.

However, if the passenger has already gone through security and passport control and is therefore in the dedicated security area, he may leave this area only in the case of:

  • the flight is being delayed for several hours and one of the following options occurs:
  • the passenger decides he or she will not fly (the right for a refund of the ticket price usually arises after 2 or up to 5 hours of flight delay, which depends on the Terms&Conditions of each airline),
  • the passenger decides to rebook the same flight for another flight day, or for a completely different flight on the same or another day,
  • the passenger has been excluded from the flight,
  • the flight has been cancelled or moved to the next day with a significant time gap, according to the specific information provided by the airport handling staff.

In the case of a flight being delayed, it is the obligation of the air carrier to provide passengers with compensation in accordance with the European legislation. In most cases, these are in the form of free refreshments, or accommodation if necessary and the provision of electronic and telephonic communication. In this case, the handling company that might but does not necessarily have to be the airport company, is only a provider of the relevant form of compensation (such as food packs, vouchers, etc.), based on instruction or orders from the air carrier and only to the extent instructed by the airline. In such case, the airport communicates the request for compensation with the carrier immediately and proactively, but the carrier must confirm each request for compensation separately. In the case of several delayed or canceled flights by the same carrier, communication with the carrier may exceptionally be somewhat more difficult for this reason.

You may use your vouchers in case of flight delays in these stores:

  1. EAT & FLY restaurants, public and non-public area of departure hall
  2. MEDIAPRESS stands, public and non-public area of departure hall
  4. DELIA market