Podgorica is the largest and capital city of Montenegro. It lies at the confluence of the Morača and Ribnica rivers and is 40 kilometres from the sea. The centre of the city is the old town - Stara Varoš, in which you will find many historical buildings from the times when Montenegro was part of the powerful Ottoman Empire. It also impresses with its pleasant atmosphere, restaurants, and cafes. From Podgorica, however, you can go to well-known seaside resorts. Among the most famous are Budva, Bar, Kotor, Petrovac and others. Each one is different, but they will surprise you with beautiful beaches, favourable prices, and an irreplaceable Balkan atmosphere.

Flights from Bratislava

The air connection to the city of Podgorica is operated by Air Montenegro twice a week - on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The flight takes less than an hour and a half, and Podgorica Airport is 11 kilometres from the city centre.

Transportation from the airport to the city centre

From the airport in Podgorica, you can get to its centre by taxi or by train, from which the final stop in Podgorica is a few minutes’ walk to the city centre. From the city of Podgorica, you can use public transport - bus, train - to get directly to the resorts by the sea.

What not to miss in Podgorica and Montenegro

The Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ is worth a visit in Podgorica, but you can also find the church of St. George from the 10th century – the oldest preserved building in the city. The most beautiful part of Podgorica is Kruševac. It houses the Petrović Castle, but also a romantic pink building surrounded by greenery, which is the former seat of the Petrović family and is the dominant feature of a large park. Today it houses a gallery and is part of the Contemporary Art Centre in Montenegro. There are also 2 mosques in the city. The colour of the city is complemented by alleys and cafes.

When you go outside the city of Podgorica, other options open for you. Only 5 kilometres from Podgorica is the Niagara waterfall known for its small cascades, beach and surrounding vineyards. Also inland, you can visit the Ostrog monastery, which is 900 meters above the valley and is partially carved into the rock. It represents the third most visited Christian city in the world and is really fascinating.

Among the most beautiful places is, for example, the medieval city of Kotor lying on the edge of the majestic bay. Here you will find a maze of alleys, a beautiful old palace with a leaning tower. There is a wonderful view from the local castle. We also add to the seaside tips the small Island of St. Stefan, which has been visited by many world-famous people. It is surrounded by 2 beautiful beaches, a park and is connected to the mainland by a narrow road.

Between Podgorica and the coast is a well-known national park with the largest lake in the Balkans – Lake Škadar. It has a rich fauna and flora, but also history. It represents an important archaeological site of churches and monasteries.

Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  PODGORICA TGD 31. 07. 2024 31. 07. 2024 Wed 15:25 16:50 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 14. 09. 2024 21. 09. 2024 Sat 18:40 20:00 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 15. 06. 2024 22. 06. 2024 Sat 20:25 21:45 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 06. 07. 2024 07. 09. 2024 Sat 20:25 21:45 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 29. 06. 2024 29. 06. 2024 Sat 20:35 21:55 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 12. 06. 2024 24. 07. 2024 Wed 20:45 22:10 4O 347 E95  
  PODGORICA TGD 07. 08. 2024 18. 09. 2024 Wed 20:45 22:10 4O 347 E95