Iconic Big Ben with the beautiful Parliament building, Buckingham Palace - the seat of Queen Elizabeth II, Tower of London, or Trafalgar Square, but also historic red telephone booths. This is London as we know it. A city of many nationalities and cultures, full of so many monuments that one day will certainly not be enough for you to see it. Prepare your British pounds and go to the capital of Great Britain for knowledge, but also for bargain shopping.

Flights from Bratislava

From Bratislava you can use flights from two airlines to two different airports. Ryanair will transport you to London-Stansted airport, Wizz Air offers flights to London-Luton. Flights are scheduled every day of the week and the flight from Bratislava lasts 2 hours and 20 minutes.

Transport from the airport to the city

London-Stansted Airport - The bus station is located just 2 minutes from the terminal. For example, a National Express bus will take you to the city centre in about an hour, the ticket price starts at 6 pounds. You can also use the services of Airport Bus Express, First Essex or easyBus and others, which run 24 hours a day. The Stansted Express train is a faster, but slightly more expensive option (about 10 pounds). The train station is also just a 2-minute walk from the terminal. Trains run every 15 minutes and it takes 47 minutes to get to central London, London Liverpool Street station.

London-Luton Airport - The airport is about 55 km from the city centre. When choosing transport, you can also use a train or a bus. The fastest way to get to the centre is by National Rail train, which runs 24 hours a day at intervals of up to 20 minutes, the journey takes about 60 minutes. The train station is not located directly at the airport, but there is a free bus that takes you to the train station.

„Must see“ in London

If you don't have time for all the sights, you should not miss the iconic Big Ben tower and the House of Parliament. You can find them on all photos and postcards from London. Perhaps the second most photographed monument after them is the Tower Bridge on the River Thames, near which there is a well-known fortress and the Tower of London Royal Jewellery. A huge wheel - the London Eye - has also become a symbol of London.

Your next steps should be directed towards the seat of Queen Elizabeth II, Buckingham Palace. If you are interested in where Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton spend their free time, take a walk in Hyde Park, at the end of which you will find their residence, Kensington Palace. Another attraction is Trafalgar Square with a statue of Admiral Nelson and the National Gallery. From there, you can take a short walk to the famous Westminster Abbey, the temple where the coronation of the king or queen has taken place since 1066. However, there is much more to London - you can watch street performers in Piccadilly Circus, you can find the prime meridian in the Greenwich observatory, you can go also for mass in the Cathedral of St. Paul, or for typical tea and fish and chips in one of the restaurants. If you want to catch the sales in the shops at the end, be sure to head to the most famous shopping street, Oxford Street.


Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  LONDON-LUTON LTN 02. 05. 2024 26. 10. 2024 Tue Thu Sat Sun 09:45 11:15 W9 5456 321  
  LONDON-LUTON LTN 06. 04. 2024 27. 04. 2024 Sat 09:50 11:20 W9 5456 321  
  LONDON-LUTON LTN 31. 03. 2024 30. 04. 2024 Tue Thu Sun 09:50 11:20 W9 5456 321  
  LONDON-STANSTED STN 31. 03. 2024 21. 10. 2024 Mo Sun 05:45 07:05 FR 062 73H Buy a ticket  
  LONDON-STANSTED STN 06. 04. 2024 26. 10. 2024 Sat 09:55 11:15 FR 062 73H Buy a ticket  
  LONDON-STANSTED STN 04. 04. 2024 24. 10. 2024 Thu 17:35 18:55 FR 062 73H Buy a ticket  
  LONDON-STANSTED STN 02. 04. 2024 22. 10. 2024 Tue 18:20 19:40 FR 062 73H Buy a ticket  
  LONDON-STANSTED STN 05. 04. 2024 26. 04. 2024 Fri 20:35 21:55 FR 062 73H Buy a ticket