Pearl of the Balkans - the city of Skopje has earned such a name. The capital of North Macedonia has a lot to offer. The city is very diverse and offers many different types of enjoyment. Different nationalities live here in one place, and you can observe Christian and Islamic architecture side by side. Diversity here was mainly influenced by the past, which was not exactly pleasant. In the surroundings you will find breath-taking nature, mountains, parks and much more. It is worth a look outside the city.

Flights from Bratislava

The connection between Bratislava Airport and Skopje International Airport is provided by Wizz Air 4 x weekly. The flight is relatively short, and you can reach North Macedonia in just in hour and a half.

Transport from the airport to the city centre

Transport from the airport to the city and in the opposite direction too is provided by the transport company Vardar ekspres. Their buses have a departure schedule adapted exactly to arrivals and departures. They will take you directly to the main bus station in about 35 minutes.

Taxis are also available at the airport; they are operated by only one approved company. They will take you both to Skopje and to other cities, according to the official price list. If you want to see the surrounding region as well, you can rent a car directly at the airport.

What not to miss in Skopje

You could start your first steps in the old town, where you can soak up the real home atmosphere. When you cross the iconic stone bridge, you can observe several important churches such as St. Dimitrija church or the church of St. Salvation. Nearby is the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, which you can only see from the outside.

In the more modern part of the city, there is a square with the largest statue of the famous Alexander the Great. On the hill you can observe the old Kale fortress, which, even though only the walls and tower, offers a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. You can also visit some behind the museum. Among the most interesting ones is the Museum of Macedonia, where there is an important collection of the country's history or an archaeological museum.

And if you get tired of the city and buildings, go out into the nature. The surrounding nature is impressive. Go on a trek to Vondno hill with a huge metal cross on top or visit the Matka canyon. In the canyon, you can go on various hikes, hike up the hills for views, or watch the rocks from kayaks on the water.

Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  SKOPJE SKP 02. 04. 2024 26. 10. 2024 Tue Sat 08:10 09:40 W6 4762 320  
  SKOPJE SKP 04. 04. 2024 25. 07. 2024 Thu 18:35 20:05 W6 4762 320  
  SKOPJE SKP 01. 08. 2024 24. 10. 2024 Thu 18:40 20:10 W6 4762 320  
  SKOPJE SKP 04. 08. 2024 20. 10. 2024 Sun 22:25 23:55 W6 4762 320  
  SKOPJE SKP 31. 03. 2024 05. 05. 2024 Sun 22:30 23:55 W6 4762 320  
  SKOPJE SKP 12. 05. 2024 28. 07. 2024 Sun 22:35 00:05 (+1) W6 4762 320