The greenest Greek island, this is also how the world talks about Corfu. It is in the north of Greece and is also the northernmost of all the Greek islands. It is a very popular destination for Slovaks, who travel here for the pleasant climate and the abundance of greenery that the island is dotted with. Also, thanks to the fact that it is a very pleasant and rewarding destination for families with children. You will find many beautiful beaches, and in the cities, you can discover a piece of Greek history.

Flights from Bratislava

Bratislava airport offers regular flights directly to Corfu thanks to Ryanair, which operates regularly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Regular flights and charter flights offered by travel agencies during the summer are operated by Smartwings. Just less than three hours by plane and you can enjoy the warmth, beaches and atmosphere of Corfu, Greece. You will arrive at Corfu Airport, which is in the centre of the island.

Transport from the airport

The airport is located only 4 kilometres from the city centre, so transportation is very fast. There is a shuttle service between the airport and the city centre (bus no. 15). From there you can get to all destinations on the island. However, if you are staying in a resort or hotel, it is more convenient to arrange transportation from and to the airport directly through the hotel or one of their partners. Alternatively, use private carriers who will take you from the airport directly to the place you need.

What to see in Corfu

The historical centre of the city of Corfu, or otherwise called Kerkyra, was included in the UNESCO. There is certainly no shortage of historical monuments here. Here you can see many remnants of the 400-year rule of the Venetians. There are old Venetian fortresses, historic churches, and other monuments from history.

But you won't want to stay only in the capital during your vacation because the island has more to offer. Not far from the capital is the Achilleion Palace, which was the summer residence of Empress Sissi. It is located on a hill surrounded by greenery with a view of both the sea and the capital.

For the more adventurous, there is a trip around the entire island, boat trips to nearby islands and lagoons, or even a full-day boat trip to Albania. The whole of Greece is very famous thanks to the cultivation of olives and the production of olive oil, if you are a fan of this crop, you can visit the museum of olive oil production right on the nearby island.


Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  CORFU CFU 07. 06. 2024 27. 09. 2024 Fri 04:00 06:50 QS 1516 73H  
  CORFU CFU 03. 06. 2024 23. 09. 2024 Mo 12:30 15:20 QS 1516 73H  
  CORFU CFU 04. 06. 2024 24. 09. 2024 Tue 12:55 15:35 FR 1745 73H Buy a ticket  
  CORFU CFU 01. 06. 2024 26. 10. 2024 Sat 15:40 18:25 FR 1745 73H Buy a ticket  
  CORFU CFU 06. 06. 2024 24. 10. 2024 Thu 21:55 00:40 (+1) FR 1745 73H Buy a ticket