If to the sea to Egypt, then only to Hurghada. And not only in summer, but even all year round. The most popular Egyptian resort located on the coast of the Red Sea is sought after by lovers of sandy beaches, crystal clear water, snorkelling, but also by divers. After all, the underwater world in this holiday destination is one of the most unique. Hurghada has a developed tourism industry with luxury resorts that offer the perfect place to relax for all ages, and of course, especially for families with children.

Flights from Bratislava

Many travel agencies offer flights to Hurghada in their holiday packages. Regular flights from Bratislava to Hurghada operates Air Cairo 2 x weekly. The flight to Hurghada International Airport lasts exactly four hours.



Transportation from the airport to the city

Most vacationers do not need to worry about transportation from the airport to the hotel. The travel agency will arrange the transfer. However, if you are on vacation individually, ask the hotel where you have a reservation to arrange a transfer to the hotel itself.

It is also possible to use minibuses from private carriers that wait for clients right in front of the airport and leave for the city centre and resorts after the minibus is full. We recommend negotiating the price for transportation with the driver in advance.

There is no public transport between the airport and the centre.

„Must see“ in Hurghada

The beach. You can't avoid it even if you wanted to. After all, we fly to Hurghada precisely for the sun and beaches. Among the most popular beaches are Makadi Bay, Old Vic Bay and Dream beach. Whether you like to sunbathe on the sand, on deckchairs, snorkel, swim, or dive, these are the places you should go. However, if the sea and water do not appeal to you, just take a walk along the coast, and watch the sunset over the sea, even that will put you in a calm, relaxing holiday mood. The more daring will find a unique underwater world in the Black Sea. If you are adventurous, take a boat trip on the sea and the guides will show you its most beautiful places.

In a Muslim country, you can naturally also admire the architecture of the mosques, the most famous being the El Nasr Way and El Mina mosques.

But if you've had enough of water and sights in Hurghada, go on interesting trips to the surrounding area. Visits to the Bedouins in the desert are very popular, as well as adventurous quad biking along the sand dunes. And what would a visit to Egypt be without seeing the Egyptian pyramids? Set aside a day for a day trip to visit the capital city of Cairo and the nearby Pyramids of Giza, or head further south for the unique historical heritage of the city of Luxor.

Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  HURGHADA HRG 02. 04. 2024 23. 04. 2024 Tue 18:50 22:55 SM 552 320  
  HURGHADA HRG 30. 04. 2024 22. 10. 2024 Tue 18:50 23:55 SM 552 320  
  HURGHADA HRG 05. 04. 2024 19. 04. 2024 Fri 20:05 00:10 (+1) SM 552 320  
  HURGHADA HRG 26. 04. 2024 25. 10. 2024 Fri 20:05 01:10 (+1) SM 552 320