Export and Import


Documents accompanying export parcels:

  • Unified customs document or document T1 with parcels to the third countries.

Transport of animals:

  • Passport of a pet animal, vaccination certificate.

Dangerous goods:

  • Shipper´s declaration for dangerous goods.

Guns, ammunition:

  • Import licence according to requirements of a state.

Medicaments and Food:

  • Veterinary certificate on goods, fyto certificate on product´s wholesomeness.

Death body:

  • Death certificate, Hygienic certificate in case of foreign citizen transfer permission (document issued by representative country).


Documents needed for managing an import cargo:

  • Air Waybill (AWB) or notification of cargo arrival,
  • ID or passport,
  • Authorisation of representative person for representation in customs processing with parcels from the third countries.

Documents needed for concluding the contract on air transfer:

  • Certificate of Tax identification number (DIČ),
  • Extract from the judicial record.

The contract is possible to conclude only with shipping company.

Documents needed for the customs proceeding (for cargos to the third countries):

  • Air Waybill (AWB),
  • Unified customs document or transit customs declaration,
  • Product invoice,
  • Accompanying documents if it is needed based on type and nature of imported goods.