Route Development

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WHY to fly to BTS?

  • Capital city airport

    primary airport with perfect infrastructure
    for short-haul and medium-haul flights

  • Most competitive charges in the region

    attractive airport charges
    and competitive incentive programme

  • Flexibility and no time limits of operation

    24/7 operation
    to satisfy needs and requests of our partner airlines

  • Central location and easy access

    fast and easy access to the city centre (15 minutes)
    as well as to the highway connecting the catchment area

TOP unserved routes

Our main ambition is to connect Bratislava with other capital cities in Europe.


ATTRACTIVE incentive programmes

Bratislava Airport offers good quality service for most competitive charges in CEE region. Additionally, we have launched an attractive incentive programme in 2024:

  • 3-year discount and bonuses
  • Bonus up to 50% on passenger charges
  • Discount up to 50% on landing charges
  • Cumulative bonuses
  • Incentive programme of Bratislava Airportvalid from 31 March 2024 to 29 March 2025

  • Airport Charges of Bratislava Airportvalid from 31 March 2024


ABOUT Bratislava

Bratislava is a vibrant city with a mix of historic landmarks, modern architecture, lively cultural life and recreational opportunities. It is a popular tourist destination, known for its charming Old Town, stunning Danube riverfront, and numerous festivals and events throughout the year.

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ABOUT Slovakia

Slovakia is a special country. Even in such a small area, you’ll find everything from natural treasures and historical monuments to rich folk culture and modern entertainment in the busy city streets. Enjoy the beauty and unique atmosphere that Slovakia has to offer.

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