Environmental policy

It is in Airport Bratislava’s best interest to contribute to preserving, protecting and improving the quality of the environment in the greatest possible measure. Therefore, the environmental policy is an integral part of the corporate social responsibility strategy.

Environmental protection is guaranteed by preventive measures in four main areas:

  • protection of underground water,
  • air traffic noise monitoring,
  • air protection,
  • liquidation of dangerous and other waste.

Underground water protection:

  • constant monitoring of pollution levels in association with the Regional Office and the Environmental Department.

Noise monitoring:

  • 24-hour noise monitoring since 1994,
  • online monitoring connected to a radar system in association with LPS SR, š.p.,
  • continuous processing of the noise studies and consequent correction of the flight trajectories,
  • communication with affected villages and municipalities.

Air protection:

  • constant monitoring of pollution levels.

Waste liquidation:

  • liquidation of dangerous and other waste.

As part of its environmental policy, Airport Bratislava participates every year in the creation of a noise map, which is an important document in assessing and approving new construction activity in the vicinity of the airport. Airport Bratislava is aware of its strategic location on the outskirts of Bratislava city and has therefore introduced regular meetings with the representatives of the surrounding municipalities.