The volcanic island of Lanzarote is the northernmost of the larger Canary Islands and its capital is the city of Arrecife. It is therefore located in the Atlantic Ocean and is approximately 125 kilometres from the coast of Africa. The island is mostly covered by desert with the typical reddish colour of the sand, but some beaches have light sand. The most beautiful beaches can be found on the south coast of the island, especially in the most famous resorts of Playa Blanca, Puerto del Carmen and Arrecife. The island is also called the island of eternal spring, because in winter the temperatures hover around 18 degrees, so this island is pleasant to visit even in the winter months.

Flights from Bratislava

You can get directly to the island of Lanzarote from Bratislava by Ryanair, which flies every Thursday. The flight lasts exactly 4 hours.

What not to miss in Lanzarote

They say that each of the Canary Islands is a small world of its own. Lanzarote offers beautiful sceneries and interesting places thanks to the volcanic activity. Your first stop can be the capital Arrecife, you will lend there. The city offers a choice especially for history lovers - there are several castles in it, at least two are worth seeing - Castillo de San José and Castillo de San Gabriel. Those who are not so interested in history will enjoy a walk along the harbour or the lagoon of Charco San Gines, and you will also get a nice view from the Las Bolas bridge. You can cool off at the city beaches of Playa del Reducto and Playa de las Cucharas.

Timanfaya National Park is worth your attention too. It is a volcanic area, made up of several inactive volcanoes, lava fields and volcanic formations coloured in unusual colours. This park will really enchant you with its otherworldly appearance. The national park includes several interesting locations. For example, El Golfo Bay, which is formed by an old volcanic crater. Today it is a pebble beach, but the Charco Verde lake is interesting, which is coloured green thanks to specific microorganisms.

To the south of the green lake there is boiling water, Los Hervideros in Spanish. Here you will find volcanic caves and special rock formations formed by volcanic activity. The one on the island took place in the 18th century, and the unique stone creations are the result of hot lava hitting the cold ocean waters.

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