The advantage of Eindhoven is its excellent starting position for exploring the Netherlands. The City of Light, as Eindhoven is called for the headquarters and museum of the Philips company, is located only 1.5 hours from the capital Amsterdam. The famous Rotterdam and The Hague, the seat of the International Court of Justice, are just as far away. From Eindhoven, Belgium and Luxembourg are just a short hop away. After arriving in Eindhoven, you can travel the entire Benelux quite quickly.

Flights from Bratislava

Ryanair operates regular flights from Bratislava to Eindhoven Airport 3 x weekly.  The flight lasts two hours.


Transport from the airport to the city centre

You can reach the city centre from the airport by public transport. You can use buses number 400 and 401, which go to the main station. The airport is only about a 15-minute drive from the city centre. Directly from the airport in Eindhoven you can reach Amsterdam by bus. The journey takes an hour and a half.

„Must see“ in Eindhoven

The Netherlands is known for being a country of cyclists. It is no different in Eindhoven. Be sure to rent bicycles in the city, getting to know the sights will go by faster. Eindhoven is literally a city of museums. Here you will find a museum of modern art, a museum of automotive technology, an open-air historical museum, and a Philips brand museum. It is also worth mentioning the small St Catherine’s Church, where you will find a unique organ with almost 6,000 pipes.


Flight schedule

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  EINDHOVEN EIN 04. 10. 2024 11. 10. 2024 Fri 09:45 11:35 FR 1871 73H Buy a ticket  
  EINDHOVEN EIN 03. 04. 2024 23. 10. 2024 Wed 10:25 12:15 FR 1871 73H Buy a ticket  
  EINDHOVEN EIN 31. 03. 2024 20. 10. 2024 Sun 14:30 16:20 FR 1871 73H Buy a ticket  
  EINDHOVEN EIN 01. 04. 2024 21. 10. 2024 Mo 17:30 19:20 FR 1871 73H Buy a ticket