Brussels is the capital of Belgium and the centre of the European Union. The city is home to the European Commission and the European Parliament. However, it is far from being a city of office buildings. The main square literally breathes history. In addition, the streets of Brussels are full of restaurants, cafes and pancake houses or chocolate shops with delicious Belgian chocolate.

Flights from Bratislava

You can get to Brussels from Bratislava thanks to the direct flight line of Ryanair, which provides flights to Brussels-Charleroi airport. The airport is approximately 60 km from the centre of the Belgian capital. The centre of Brussels can be reached by bus in about an hour. Ryanair flies to Brussels on Wednesday and Sunday, the flight lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.



Transport from the airport to the city centre

To the city centre of Brussels, we recommend using the shuttle bus service from the airport - shuttle bus. Buses have a schedule adapted to arrivals and run from the early hours of the morning. You can find a specific schedule of departures at

Another option is to take a bus from the airport to the Charleroi Sud station and from there, after a transfer, continue by bus or train to Brussels.

„Must see“ in Brussels

You can also explore the city centre on foot. The beautiful landmark of Brussels is its main square, the Grande-Palace, which you should visit during the day as well as at night. The illuminated historic building of the town hall together with the illuminated adjacent buildings attract young people, who sit peacefully on the square and on the floor in a group debate. During the Christmas season, you will find one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Europe here.

Just a few streets away, you can take a photo at the famous statue of a peeing boy - Manneken Pis. The boy is often dressed in costumes from the invention of the world. At the same time, few people know that a little further on you will also come across its gentler version - a peeing girl.

The symbol of Brussels is also the Atomium - a monument in the shape of an enlarged aluminium atom, 102 meters high, from where you can photograph the city as if in the palm of your hand. It is worth mentioning the Royal Palace and its surroundings, the Cathedral of St. Michal, or several museums. While exploring, don't forget to take a break for an excellent Belgian beer or a tasting of traditional Belgian pralines.

Letový poriadok

  destination IATA from to operation days departure arrival airline type    
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 04. 11. 2022 24. 03. 2023 Fri 06:50 08:40 FR 2976 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 30. 10. 2022 18. 12. 2022 Sun 19:40 21:30 FR 2976 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 01. 01. 2023 19. 03. 2023 Sun 19:40 21:30 FR 2976 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 29. 03. 2023 25. 10. 2023 Wed 06:15 08:05 FR 2974 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 03. 06. 2023 26. 08. 2023 Sat 13:50 15:40 FR 2974 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 07. 10. 2023 28. 10. 2023 Sat 13:50 15:40 FR 2974 73H Buy a ticket  
  BRUSSELS-CHARLEROI CRL 26. 03. 2023 22. 10. 2023 Sun 17:05 18:55 FR 2974 73H Buy a ticket