What to look out for before leaving for vacation

– BRATISLAVA – The main holiday season is starting, and many are preparing for an air vacation. However, it ends every year for many Slovaks even before the actual departure. The reason is that the passenger is not allowed to depart for several reasons. M.R. Stefanik Airport therefore presents several tips for a smooth departure to the desired destination.

What to look out for before leaving for vacation

Before departure, check all necessary travel documents

We recommend checking valid travel documents and entry documents to the final destination. Conditions of entry into individual countries can be found here: Conditions of entry into countries | Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic (mzv.sk)

Insufficient duration of passport validity

To enter some holiday countries, it is not enough to have a valid passport, but the validity period must also be several months after arrival in the country. If the passenger does not have a valid passport for a sufficient period, it is also not allowed to depart for him. We recommend studying the conditions of entry into the country.

Invalid passport

It often happens that a passenger finds out at the check-in counter that his passport has expired. In that case, the passenger is not allowed to depart. This means that you lose your paid holiday and flight ticket.

Passport when departing for Great Britain

Please note that Great Britain is no longer a member of the EU. Therefore, it is necessary to travel with a valid passport. Travel with an ID card is permitted only with exceptions, i.e. for those who have registered for the residence scheme, the so-called Settlement Scheme. We recommend that you also print out the confirmation of this registration.

Invalid or insufficiently valid child's passport

It is not enough to check the validity of the passport and the length of validity of the passport only for adults. While within the EU and in selected countries (more detailed information can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic) adults and children can travel with an ID card, when traveling outside the EU the child must also hold a valid passport. Children under the age of 6 are issued a passport valid for 2 years.

Baggage weight and size

On the website of the airline where you purchased the ticket, check the weight and size of baggage allowed by the airline's conditions. Baggage weight and size information varies from airline to airline. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully look at the instructions published on the website of the company with which you are going on holiday or inquire at the travel agency where you purchased the air tour. Failure to comply with the permitted weight and size of luggage is strictly charged by air carriers.

Pack your hand luggage correctly

Liquids, gels, or creams up to 100 ml are allowed in your hand luggage. You must be careful if you do not have any of the prohibited items packed in your hand luggage, such as a knife, flammable materials, toy imitation guns and weapons, or other prohibited items. Please note that even a tennis racket is not allowed as hand luggage at M.R. Stefanik airport. You can find the exact list of prohibited items in hand luggage at: Baggage | Bratislava Airport (BTS) - official website

Be at the airport on time before departure

We recommend passengers to be at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure. Before leaving, check any traffic restrictions on the way to the airport. Early arrival is necessary mainly because of a possible delay during check-in for departure or during the security check.

Upon arrival at the airport

Upon arrival, we recommend going to check-in immediately, where you will be registered, your documents will be checked and your luggage will be handled. After registration, we recommend going straight to security and passport control. And then it is necessary to follow the screens with information about the opening of the exits, the so-called gate. If such a gate to the plane opens, we recommend going to boarding immediately. The gate can be closed as early as 30 minutes before departure. The exact time varies from airline to airline.

Mistaking the line and departure time

During the day, several departures to different destinations will take place at the Bratislava Airport. The passenger must therefore track not only the destination he is flying to, but also the line number, boarding gate number and the exact time of departure. We have already recorded cases when passengers missed their flight because they stood in the wrong line to board the plane.

Alcohol consumption

We advise passengers to be careful when using intoxicating substances such as alcohol. If the passenger is in an unadaptable state, it may happen that he will be excluded from the transport for security reasons. Most airlines have zero alcohol tolerance.