The Bratislava airport handled 1.4 million passengers in 2022

– BRATISLAVA – After two challenging years of the pandemic, the Bratislava Airport achieved an excellent result in 2022, namely 1.4 million transported passengers, including departures and arrivals. More precisely, 1,406,284 passengers, which represents almost triple the number of passengers compared to year 2021.

The Bratislava airport handled 1.4 million passengers in 2022

In 2022, the airport handled 1,000,831 passengers as part of regular traffic, which is more than a two-fold increase compared to last year. In non-scheduled traffic, Bratislava Airport handled 405,453 passengers, which represents an increase of 150% compared to 2021. In the month of December, a total of 71,635 passengers were handled on arrival and departure. The renewal rate of the number of passengers from 2019 thus reached 65% in December.

Top month and day

The strongest month in 2022 was July, when the airport transported 256,447 passengers on departures and arrivals. The day when the most passengers were transported was July 23, 2022. On this day, Bratislava Airport handled 9,348 passengers on departures and arrivals.

„The beginning of the year was difficult for the airport. Immediately after the end of the pandemic, the conflict in Ukraine has started. All flights to and from Ukraine and the Russian Federation have been cancelled. Until then, Ukraine was one of the top connections, and this outage cost us approximately 200,000 passengers. Despite this, we gradually revitalized the airport, hired new employees, and prepared for the summer season. Then came a strong summer, a jump increase of passengers and an extraordinary interest in travel and air vacations. The whole year was very intense, but it was managed well. At the same time, I want to thank all the employees of the airport who are behind this success, “ added Ing. Dušan Keketi, chairman of the board and CEO of Bratislava Airport.

In year 2022, there was 24,283 take-offs and landings which took place at Bratislava Airport, while in December alone there were 1,182 flights.

Top destinations in 2022

  1. Antalya
  2. London (Stansted+Luton)
  3. Milan
  4. Dublin
  5. Hurghada

Top destinations in regular traffic

  1. London (Stansted+Luton)
  2. Milan
  3. Dublin
  4. Sofia
  5. Manchester

Air carriers

In 2022, the following airlines provided regular transport at the airport: Ryanair, Smartwings, Wizz Air and Air Cairo. Air carriers operated 42 regular lines to 37 destinations in 16 countries last year. For comparison, in 2019, air carriers operated 55 regular routes to 50 destinations in 18 countries (note: when calculating using the same methodology).

Ryanair once again carried the most passengers in 2022. It is followed by the air carrier Smartwings, Wizz Air, Air Explore and Corendon Airlines.

News in 2023

In the new year, more interesting destinations will be added to Bratislava Airport, including Athens, Greece. A direct line to this beautiful city will be operated by top carrier Aegean Airlines. Athens is also an excellent transfer station to many Greek islands as well as a good connection to Asia or Africa. A direct line to Lithuania, to the second largest city Kaunas, will also be an interesting destination. Another novelty is the regular connection to Podgorica, Montenegro, which is an increasingly popular holiday destination for many Slovaks. The Egyptian resort of Marsa Alam will also be a novelty, the direct route will be operated by Air Cairo.

Despite the relatively well-managed year 2022, we are already preparing for the 2023 season. We will work more intensively with part-timers as well as train and educate our employees so that they are ready to handle the summer season, “ adds regarding the upcoming summer flight season, Ing. Dušan Keketi, chairman of the board and CEO of Bratislava Airport.

The summer flight season will start at the Bratislava Airport from March 25, 2023. The flight schedule in aviation changes twice a year, along with the time change. The summer flight schedule will be valid until the next time change, i.e. until October 29, 2023, when the winter flight season begins.