Passengers may carry liquid, paste or gel based materials in their hand baggage:

  • in individual containers that hold no more than 100 ml,
  • they must be placed in a transparent and re-sealable plastic bag (together with aerosols and gels), which must not exceed the volume of 1 litre, ensuring all contents fit into the plastic bag comfortably and the bag is completely sealed.

All liquids must be taken out of hand baggage and declared individually by being placed in a tray together with baggage before passing through security control.

Liquids include:
  • Shampoos, shower gels,
  • Perfumes,
  • Non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages,
  • Other materials of liquid nature.

! With liquids, it is not the actual volume of the liquid in the container, but rather the volume stated on the container that will be considered. Plastic bags can be also purchased at the airport.