Covid-19 FAQ

  • Do I have to fill in the formular before entering to Slovakia?

    Yes, you have to fill in the formular here, no matter from each country you are arriving from:

    You are obliged to register also here:

    More information here: 




  • What precautionary measure have been taken at the airport?

    Airport operators in the territory of the Slovak Republic are obliged to:

    a, enable only persons with cover upper respiratory tract (e.g. with a face mask FFP2, KN95) to enter and stay in the area of the airport. The obligation to cover the upper respiratory tract shall not apply to children under 6 years of age or persons with severe autism spectrum disorders,

    b, ensure hand sanitizers at the entrance to terminal,

    c, ensure minimal physical distance of 2 metres between individuals,

    d, ensure termal screening of the body temperature of all arriving passengers.

  • Is the airport open 24 hours?

    The terminal is open 24 hours but some entrances into the terminal building open 2,5 hours before each departure only.

  • Are there any changes in security control procedures?

     Passengers will need to follow the instructions of security agents in a disciplined manner, and there, as in all procedures where queues are expected, it will be necessary to keep a physical distance of at least 2 meters and to have the face cover by face mask (FFP2, KN95) all the time.



  • Who may enter Slovakia via external border?

    The following persons can enter Slovakia via its external border (border with Ukraine as well as air borders for flights from outside the Schengen Area):

    • persons related to a Slovak citizen or to a temporary/permanent resident in Slovakia, i.e. spouse, minor child, parent of a minor child. This fact can be proved e.g. by a birth certificate, marriage certificate (if you do not have the original, a plain copy is enough). If the document is only in a foreign language, it is necessary to provide a translation (unofficial translation is sufficient),
    • persons with a valid residence in Slovakia, who can prove a valid residence permit, residence registration certificate or are holders of a national visa issued by the embassy of the Slovak Republic, the entry of third-country nationals for the purpose of attending nursery or study at a primary, secondary or higher education institution in Slovakia and demonstrating confirmation of this fact is considered a valid residence according to this point,
    • residents of Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea or Taiwan
    • cross-border workers, permanently or temporarily residing in neighbouring border areas of Ukraine within 30 km from an open border crossing to the territory of the Slovak Republic and who have an employment relationship, a similar employment relationship or a place of work (e.g. for self-employed persons) in the territory of the Slovak Republic within 30 km by road from an open border crossing to the territory of the Slovak Republic and hold a certificate of such performance of work
    • persons pertaining to certain categories of the PHA Decree (e.g. transiting persons, persons providing care of close relatives),
    • holders of an exemption in accordance with the PHA Decree. These persons must have a negative result of the RT-PCR test for COVID-19 not older than 72 hours when entering the territory of the Slovak Republic. In justified cases, the PHA may grant an exemption from this obligation. 

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